Entry: Final Days Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day 5


The rumors were true, we met them today. They shambled jerkily towards us. 'Rigor mortis caused that,' said Geoffrey. We ran away and found this shelter.



Day 6


Geoff is dead. He was always the slowest, that poor bastard. Ten of them devoured him.



Day 7


Returned to bury Geoff, or what remained of him. Recognized his nose. He bit me, caught me by surprise, never thought he'd be a twitcher. Damn.



Day 9


Arms numb. Met more survivors. Their heads shining. Nice lights. Bright. Take darkness away. Hungry.



Day 10


Shining head stop hunger. Must get mo--


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December 1, 2006   05:03 PM PST
no, it's not.
i'll point some hints given in the story: shambling jerkily and rigor mortis.
on the other hand, maybe i should just say that I am immensely indebted to the great George A. Romero on this one. wink, wink.
November 25, 2006   07:14 PM PST
Is this inspired by the plane crushed survivor in that snowy mountain (forgot the name)?.
But the real survivor only eat dead survivor rather than killing the living survivor to be eaten.

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